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Wheel Chair
The wheel chair is mainly used in the hospitals for moving the patients who have been injured badly. The patients who find it difficult to walk use these even in their homes.
Bed Mattress
The bed mattress is used in the hospitals to make the hospital beds even more comfortable. They are made up of strong fabric, which provides durable existence to it.
Operation Table
The operation table is used in the OT rooms for doing the operations. The tables are easily adjustable which provides flexibility to the surgeons to carry on the procedures without any difficulty.
Over Bed Table
The over bed tables are used in the hospital sectors for keeping the meals, medical supplies, etc. They provide convenience to both medical staff as well as the patients.
Hospital Cabinet
The hospital cabinet is the kind of hospital bed side locker that is used for keeping plenty of patients important items such as medications, reports, injections, files, bills etc.